To help businesses enhance their enterprise value and ultimately the value of our investments.
To form teams that are driven by a high-performance culture
that are fully committed to mission.
An experienced management team is the single most
important condition precedent for a company’s success.


Middleburg Capital Development (MCD) is a private equity investment firm founded in 2012. We have assets under management across many sectors that are in a range of business stages, from start-up opportunities to growth manufacturing, all based in the United States. We have demonstrated success in partnering with entrepreneurs, growing businesses, private banking groups, university incubation centers, funds, foundations and other private equity groups. We are involved with new technologies, data and information sectors, core manufacturing and natural resources. In full engagement with our Investment Partners, Associates and our Advisory Board members, our approach relies on participatory engagement with management teams to augment growth for our partners.

Our capital investments are conditioned upon finding opportunities where there are shared values of transparency, interdependent participation and an intense commitment to value creation.

A culture of collaboration and
consensus decision making.

An ethic of disciplined execution
from each member of our team.

Proportionate benefits
to all stakeholders.



MCD has rocketed Vagabond into hyper-growth by investing time, relationships and mentorship generously and consistently throughout our partnership. We’ve felt the impact of their experience across our equity and debt rounds, strategic relationships and our operation itself. We consider them an integral part of our company’s infrastructure and expect them to play a huge role as we go forward into bigger and better things.
On a more personal note, as a founding CEO, my dream is to give my team a huge exit. I could not ask for a more supportive partner to help me navigate the usually lonely waters toward that goal. From dreaming to details, any entrepreneur could benefit from the kind of support that comes from MCD’s team.

Michael Lovett,
CEO Vagabond

By nature, the innovation process is chaotic, messy and uncertain. MCD has been instrumental in helping me manage the innovation process, so that it is has become less chaotic, less messy and more certain.

Doug Morrison,
CEO Ionic Liquid Solutions

Working with MCD has been a pivotal step in scaling up our business. Their knowledge and experience in the energy sector, raising capital and managing a rapidly growing company is helping Inovateus in many ways. We value their partnership and know that their involvement with our board and collaboration with our team is a key ingredient to our future success.

T.J. Kanczuzewski,
President, Inovateus Solar

Working with Tim & David Sutherland and the whole MCD team has been a real pleasure. Their engagement in the business, immediate shared insights, and feedback have been very helpful to our board and management team. In the first week of our time together they built a thoughtful valuation model for the management team to use on their own initiative, which impressed me. I am excited to see what great things come from our partnership with MCD.

James Buchanan,
CEO SCP Limited Inc.

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