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Middleburg Capital Development (MCD) is a private equity investment firm founded in 2012. We have assets under management in a range of business stages, from start-up opportunities to growth manufacturing enterprises and across many sectors all based in the United States. We have demonstrated success in partnering with entrepreneurs, growing businesses, private banking groups, university incubation centers, funds, and other private equity groups. We are involved with new technologies, data and information sectors, core manufacturing and natural resources. In full engagement with our Investment Partners, Associates and our Advisory Board members, our approach relies on participatory engagement with management teams to augment growth for our partners.

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We offer equity, debt financing and leasing solutions to help businesses enhance their enterprise value and ultimately the value of our investments. MCD works actively and systemically with our partners in full transparency and collaboration to form teams that are driven by a high-performance culture that are fully committed to mission.


MCD strives to find the right people. Our experience confirms that the management team is the single most important condition precedent for a company’s success. Our involvement in any opportunity is predicated on our assessment of the management leadership and team. We know that when we form the right partnership structure with the right people and we are disciplined in our focus, above market profits materialize.

Our capital investments are conditioned upon finding opportunities where there are shared values

of transparency, interdependent participation, and an intense commitment to value creation.

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