"Middleburg Capital has realized my business objective of working with a team of experienced business
leaders who collaborate, listen, share ideas, bring capital, work hard and engage hand in hand with me.

We are partners in the truest sense of the word. As a result, Horizon Systems and Horizon Packaging is
growing, enhancing profitability and fostering a platform for incremental investment and acquisition opportunities.  We are now a fully integrated team and enjoy the synergies and fun that is associated
with a truly functional partnership.

- Dan Cunningham,

President, Horizon Packaging and Horizon Systems

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"By nature, the innovation process is chaotic, messy and uncertain. MCD has been instrumental in helping me manage the innovation process, so that it is has become less chaotic, less messy and more certain."

- Doug Morrison,
CEO Ionic Liquid Solutions

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"Working with MCD has been a pivotal step in scaling up our business. Their knowledge and experience in the energy sector, raising capital and managing a rapidly growing company is helping Inovateus in many ways. We value their partnership and know that their involvement with our board and collaboration with our team is a key ingredient to our future success."

- T.J. Kanczuzewski,
President, Inovateus Solar

"I first came to MCD with a business concept formed from my personal experience in helping my
children and our family manage the challenges and costs associated with youth sports.

MCD worked hand in hand with me to transform my vision into a reality. They provided their
business development skills, capital, relationships, and work ethic and helped create a platform
that has strong market appeal and unbounded revenue potential.

- Kenny Wood,

President, Gamefinder 365

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Our capital investments are conditioned upon finding opportunities where there are shared values

of transparency, interdependent participation, and an intense commitment to value creation.