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Tom and Laura Woodward.JPG

Tom and Laura are two of the founders of Woodward McCoach, Inc (WMI), a company that produces
specialized high-performance fiber optic networking equipment. Started in 1983, WMI is now a $100M
partially employee-owned company. Tom is the retired CEO and current Chairman of the Board, and
Laura is the Treasurer of WMI.

Tom received a BSEE and MSEE from Villanova University, and an MSCS from Penn State; Laura has a BA
in German from Indiana University. Their daughter is a graduate of Notre Dame University, BA and JD.

Tom and Laura are active investors in Irish Angels. Tom serves on the Research and Graduate Studies
Advisory Council at Notre Dame.

Our capital investments are conditioned upon finding opportunities where there are shared values

of transparency, interdependent participation, and an intense commitment to value creation.

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