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President at
ES WorldWide Investments LLC

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Over 25 years of management experience with large domestic and international corporations, big 4 alumni, senior risk officer with strong background and proven achievements in electricity and fuel supply management, power generation, transmission and distribution engineering, project management, audit, compliance and enterprise risk management.

  • Energy Supply Management: Successful development of energy hedging and risk management strategies to ensure the economic purchase of electricity and fuel by clients. Strategies that assure compliance with governance and regulations. Extensive experience in using futures, options and structure transactions products to obtain the best return on risk

  • Enterprise Risk Management: Skills in developing and implementing risk management and risk control processes to integrate business units’ practices and help in breaking down silos. Extensive experience in Market, Credit and Operational Risk Management.

  • Operational Risk Management: Merged technology with leading practices to design, develop and maintain Operational Risk System designed to track, quantify impact and report incidents across the enterprise.

  • Quantitative Analytics: Hands on experience in developing complex financial, forecasting and operational research models. Proficient in using state of the art quantitative techniques to identify embedded risks within complex agreements and structure transactions.

  • Project and Program Management: In-depth project management experience, overseeing all aspects of complex projects.

  • Project Control:  Extensive experience in using leading project management software and using project management leading practices in controlling large projects financials.

  • Computer Systems: Strong Information technology background. Successful in implementing sophisticated computer systems applications such as Incident Tracking Systems, Supply Chain and logistics optimization.

  • Strategic Planning and Process Improvement: Effective implementation of strategic planning programs with the focus on forecasting, simulation, time series and regression analysis systems to support the strategic positioning of the  supply management services.

  • People Skills: Strong interpersonal skills and ability to build business relationships with corporate senior managers and executives. Ability to develop, nurture and retain relationships with clients, superiors as well as subordinates.

Our capital investments are conditioned upon finding opportunities where there are shared values

of transparency, interdependent participation, and an intense commitment to value creation.

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