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Founder of Energy Capital Advisors, LLC

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Mr. Davis is the founder of Energy Capital Advisors, LLC, a Houston based advisory firm focused on the upstream and midstream energy sector and is the co-founder and serves as Chairman of Suntree Energy Co., Ltd., a renewable energy firm headquartered in Seoul, Korea. Prior to the formation of Energy Capital Advisors in 2002, Mr. Davis served most recently as the director of International Business Development of Torch Energy Advisors, Inc. He also held the position of Portfolio Manager for certain institutional clients during his tenure with Torch Energy. Prior to joining Torch Energy, he was an officer and financial manager in both publicly and privately held companies engaged in the upstream oil and gas industry. Dee was responsible for the commercial and investment banking relations, financial reporting, acquisition financing and risk management.

Mr. Davis holds a BBA from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from the University of Houston.

Our capital investments are conditioned upon finding opportunities where there are shared values

of transparency, interdependent participation, and an intense commitment to value creation.

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